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Sustainable Hand Towel

Sustainable Hand Towel

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Offering a sustainable experience can't stop when the customer needs to dry their hands. The Scrummi hand towel is made for a variety of uses - nail bar, spa room, and at the hand wash basin. The soft fabric is a luxurious upgrade to the paper variety and much more hygienic, as well as sustainable, than cotton.

    • Available in qty of 50 and 700
    • 40 x 20 cm
    • Plush waffle quilted
    • 100% Biodegradable
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Scrummi is up to 10x more absorbent than traditional cotton hairdressing towels, so you only need one from wash to finish.

It’s made from 100% soft & natural biodegradable wood fibers from certified sustainable sources.  starting from just $0.18 per towel.

Made from soft and natural wood fibers from sustainable forestry programs, Scrummi has turned the salon textiles market over with new and innovative ways for salons to reduce their impact on the environment. The old Reduce-Reuse-Recycle methodology to sustainability has evolved as the production and maintenance of items that are reusable have come under scrutiny. The demands of the global population on resources has increased dramatically since the cotton towel came on the market and scarcity of water and land for agriculture has made new single-use methods more practical than laundering cotton. And, more convenient.

Skip the laundry, elevate your client experience and reduce your carbon footprint with Scrummi sustainable salon towels.
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