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Sustainable Salon Towel

Sustainable Salon Towel

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The Scrummi Waffle hair towel is a thick and soft towel, with a waffle pattern that adds luxury while making it ultra-absorbent.

    • One towel per client is all you need using the blot technique. These towels keep on absorbing!

    • Avoid cross-contamination with a single-use option that actually improves your sustainable contributions.
    • 100% Biodegradable and compostable. Dispose of in your standard trash and rest easy knowing it will completely return to the earth after 100 days.

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Scrummi is up to 10x more absorbent than traditional cotton hairdressing towels, so you only need one from wash to finish.

It’s made from 100% soft & natural biodegradable wood fibers from certified sustainable sources. Available in a range of disposable towel sizes starting from just $0.50 per towel.

All Scrummi products are 100% biodegradable or recyclable (coloring gown). Our Scrummi waffle products will biodegrade in about 100 days in an anaerobic environment. This is comparable to an orange peel!

Scrummi waffle products are 100% cellulosic, so they will act like wood or paper in many environments.
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