• Save Time

    Increase productivity &
    saves time
    . On average salons save 624 staff hours per year by not having to maintain cotton towels,
    think what you could do with this extra time and not to mention the savings.

  • Rising Costs

    No more laundry with
    Scrummi, a disposable single-use towe
    l. The electricity costs in Hawaii are the highest in the country and continue to rise every year. Offering these single use towels in your salon & spa can save up to 50% less than laundering towels.

  • Lack of Space

    Maximize your space and minimize clutter with Scrummi towels. Our disposable, one-time-use towels eliminate the need for bulky towel storage, freeing up valuable space in your salon or spa. Say goodbye to overflowing linen closets and hello to a streamlined, organized workspace. Compact and efficient, Scrummi towels offer not only a sustainable choice but also a practical solution for saving space without compromising on quality or comfort.

  • Sustainability

    Eco-friendly Our products
    are made from 100% soft
    and natural biodegradable
    wood fibres for ecoconscious manufacturing. These towels breakdown in landfill in 90-100 days.

  • Faster Drying

    Scrummi’s are 10x faster than cotton at absorbing water = less
    rubbing, damaged or tangled hair

  • Improve Hygiene

    Improves hygiene in
    salons and spas
    a fresh, clean, towel foreach client, with zero
    bacteria transfer between clients.


Eco friendly, single use salon towels. Available in multiple sizes and black or white options.

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